The GEMINI 38AU series outdoor units and matched with the 40RU series indoor air handlers offer a wide variety of options for your HVAC application needs. Whether it's first cost with the single circuit 38AUZ series or superior part load performance from two stages of cooling with the 38AUD series or year around energy savings with the 38AUQ heat pump series. This series is designed for long dependable operation whether it's a rooftop or on-the-ground installation. All GEMINI 38AU and 40RU series units use environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant. Together, they create a reliable split system that provides easy solutions to a wide range of commercial HVAC needs.

38AUZ Gemini

    • 38AUZ single circuit cooling only System EERs 11.0 to 11.2
    • 30AUD two cooling stages with IEERs 11.2 to 11.8
    • 38AUQ Heat Pump EERs up to 11.0 & 3.3 COP
    • ASHRAE 90.1 Efficiency Compliant
    • Novation™ Aluminum fin/ aluminum tube coil
    • Standard crankcase heater
    • Compressor vibration isolation
    • Low ambient temperature control (factory-installed option or field-installed accessory)
    • Unit performance certified in accordance with ARI standard 340/360