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Carrier’s FB4B and FC4C Fan Coils maximize performance of your indoor comfort system.These fan coils are designed to perfectly match your Carrier heat pump or air conditioner, ensuring the comfort and performance you expect. The unique Carrier design also meets new stringent requirements for cabinet air leakage. In addition, you can enjoy exceptional indoor air quality because both of these models are equipped with a fully drainable pan and heavy-duty insulation enhanced with a foil liner. 

Entry Models Fan Coil

    • Grooved copper tubing
    • Lanced sine-wave aluminum fin
    • Fully-wettable coil
    • High-impact thermoplastic condensate pan
    • Primary and secondary drain connections with brass inserts
    • Multipoise design of maximum versatility
    • Unique cabinet deign that meets new stringent regulations for air leakage. Meets requirements of 2% cabinet leakage rate when tested at 1.0 inches of static pressure.
    • Field-installed heater packages from 3-30 kW (fused, circuit breaker, or non-fused)
    • Control board with built-in, replaceable 5-amp blade-type auto fuse
    • Cooling controls
    • Time-delay relay (TDR)
    • Pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet
    • High-density, super-thick R-4.2 insulation
    • Newly-improved filter rack area - filter door insulation added for an improved air seal
    • Sweat connections
    • Inspection plate for cleaning A-coil design
    • HUD approved for manufactured housing
    • 40-VA. 208/230v transformer
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