Air Condition Installation

Buying a New A/C Unit is Simple!
Call us to schedule a FREE assessment on your new air conditioner. How Much Does a New A/C Cost? We conduct a FREE assessment to determine the size of unit required to cool the space efficiently. This is determined by the following factors: - Amount of window and/or doors - Number of persons occupying the space - Amount of equipment in the space. - Height, Length & width of the room - Does the sun set on directly on the space? - Is the room insulated? After the assessment is completed the quotation would be sent to you within 24hrs thereafter our sales rep would contact you to discuss and address any concerns. Once finalised our journey with you continues with installation any other requirements that needs to be done. Satisfaction Guaranteed
Cooling Tech guarantees unmatched service in the air conditioning industry. If you are not totally satisfied with our workmanship of our installation, we will make every effort to correct any issues.


Repair Maintenance Servicing In order to maintain the unit’s efficiency and to realise your true savings, it is imperative that the unit be properly maintained. The efficiency of Air Conditioners can degrade over time. Therefore, preventative maintenance should be performed regularly (every 3-4mths) to keep their efficiencies as high as possible & to realise true savings. After three (3) months of us installing your unit, we start you off with a free warranty service. After these three (3) months you should continue the service – this can easily be done by contacting us, or to take the headache of remembering, a service contract can be entered into where we contact you & schedule accordingly. HVAC Maintenance Checklist:

  • Inspect the filters regularly. Dirty filters will block normal air flow.
  • Replace your X Power Gold filters every one to six months depending on dirt load. Keep the filters clean and you can save on energy.
  • Clean the evaporator coils and condenser coils to keep them free of mold and dirt. Cleaning the coils frequently will increase energy savings dramatically.
  • Inspect the blower wheel, bearings, and belts two times a year. Dirty blower wheels can reduce air flow, and ultimately the life of the system. Loose belts can slip and cause cooling to stop and go at various intervals. Change the drive belt annually to keep system running at peak efficiency.
  • Clean air ducts when needed. Our specialists will inspect your air ducts, and if contaminated will clean them professionally.
Preventitive Maintenance Servicing Our service plans offer a great preventative maintenance solution to improve system resilience and increase the longevity of your cooling system. With some of the most highly trained technicians, we provide 24-hour emergency services. A planned maintenance schedule improves the overall energy efficiency of your units. Our Service Contract Scope of Work includes:
  • Inspect the Control Panel and Condensing Unit Casings
  • Check all Electrical operating parameters (Voltage, Amperage, Ohm, Earthing)
  • Check all Electrical Components (Contactors, Relays, Motorized Valves, etc.)
  • Check all Condenser/Compressor Pressures, Fan Coil Units Air-flows and Temperatures
  • Check and adjust all Temperature and Timer settings (if necessary)
  • Check all Bearings, Belts Motors and Compressors.
  • Wash Filters, clean Blower Wheels, Fan Coils, Condenser Coils and Cabinets.
  • Check for proper drainage and clear blockage.
  • Tests run all Equipment making ALL adjustments for satisfactory operation.
  • Status report on condition of all serviced equipment after each cycle.
What rewards are there for you, the end user? Reduced running costs, potentially longer life of your system, plus less carbon emissions, all at our affordable prices.

Energy Audit

Energy audit is a detailed inspection of equipment, appliances and other items which consume energy within a space. Energy audits allow customers to understand energy consumption patterns and highlight areas where energy usage may be prioritized or conserved while maintain the customers comfort.When this is done, customers can then determine what simple changes and alterations can be made in terms of equipment usage to reduce their overall energy consumption. Our team of highly trained, experienced Engineers can be scheduled to perform this assessment. ​To schedule your energy audit, feel free to email us or initiate a chat.

Other Services

Call or schedule for expert recommendations on the right thermostat for your home or business. By simply having a new Programmable Thermostat installed, this could help to lower your energy consumption significantly. DESIGN - BUILD EXPERTS
From concept to completion, our Engineering team can design systems that will meet your needs; from entirely new HVAC systems or existing HVAC system upgrades and retrofits. We first assess your building’s HVAC needs, we then create commercial HVAC systems that operate in an energy efficient and cost-effective manner, for long-term use and returns. We then manage your project until AC equipment commission and/or project hand-over.
Once in use, we can maintain and service the equipment under a contractual arrangement. Throughout the entire design-build process and life of your building’s HVAC system, you can depend on Cooling Tech for accurate, reliable systems and service.
You can rely on your complete design-build HVAC project on-spec and on budget. COMMERCIAL CHILL WATER, VRF & VRV SYSTEMS SERVICING
We service all major types and make of Chillers, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) AC systems for maintenance. Through reliable maintenance of your chiller system, you can increase its lifetime and energy efficiency. Types of large commercial we service:
• Centrifugal Chiller
• Scroll Chiller
• Screw Chillers
• Variable Refrigerant Flow AC Systems
• Variable Refrigerant Volume AC Systems We provide each of our technicians with factory training in conjunction with on the job training. We reward our HVAC technicians for their reliable, prompt service that keeps our client’s chiller systems running at peak efficiency for lasting use.

Metal Fabrication

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Fabrication Service
At Cooling Tech, we bring an unsurpassed depth of knowledge to fabrication services. Being the only air conditioning industry in Grenada with a duct fabrication shop at our building location, our experienced craftsmen work closely with our customers to understand their needs and achieve their goals. We provide engineering support, outstanding customer service, and consistent product quality and on-time delivery of your valuable products. Our customer sheet metal fabrication processes encompass modern technologies including fiberglass duct board, internally/externally insulated galvanized duct work and rigid foam laminated duct. Our combination of new technology and an experienced engineering staff allow us to offer our customer metal fabrication services at competitive prices. We Fabricate HVAC Sheet Metal For:

  • Complete HVAC systems
  • Clean room air systems or other custom ventilation systems
  • HVAC Retrofits
We Provide:
  • Dependable Service
  • Experienced Design
  • Fast Turn Around Times
  • Delivery
To schedule your energy audit, feel free to email us or initiate a chat.

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