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Carrier’s Aero 39L series Air Handlers are compact and fully assembled. They combine versatility with economical, dependable performance for heating, cooling, ventilation, and VAV (variable air volume) applications. Galvanized steel panels ensure structural integrity under all operating conditions. Double-walled hinged access doors also enhance structural stability and provide fast, easy access. A sloped, double-wall stainless steel drain pan controls condensate and complies with ASHRAE Standard 62. • Vertical and Horizontal • Indoor Air Handler • 1,800 to 15,000 CFM

39L AERO Air Handler

    • Air-flows ranging from 1,800 to 15,000 nominal cfm
    • Horizontal and vertical draw-thru arrangements (factory-installed option)
    • Belt driven, forward curved blowers
    • Chilled water, hot water, direct expansion (DX), and steam coils (factory-installed option)
    • Various coil face areas, fin densities, and circuiting arrangements (factory-installed option)
    • Electric preheat available over a wide kW range (factory-installed option)
    • Dual refrigerant circuits
    • Inlet guide vanes (factory-installed option)
    • Copper fin heat exchangers (factory-installed option)
    • Parallel blade dampers on mixing boxes
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