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  • Key Features-FB4B   

    • Foil-faced, 1" thick, high density insulation 

    • Rifled copper tube/aluminium fin heat exchanger

    • 3-speed motors 

    • Modular models available

    • Factory supplied framed permanent filter 

    • Field- or factory-installed heater packages 

    • Sweat connections 

    • AccuRater® metering device

    • Solid-state control board with 5 amp fuse 

    • TDR standard 

    • Contoured condensate pan eliminates standing water for improved reliability and IAQ 

    • Relay based heaters for instant heat in defrost mode 

    • Smart Heat ready for added comfort

    • Low air leak / low cabinet sweat features standard 

Location: Dusty Highway, St. George, Grenada


Tel: (473) 444-COOL (2665)​

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